Sacred Centerings Card Deck Sneak Peek Available Now!

Sacred Centerings-A Playful Return to Center

Sample decks are hand made by the authors and are infused with healing intentions and are water proofed. Limited sample decks $60.

The Sacred Centerings is a series of playful exercises that we have selected and used for more than three decades in our clinics, classes, workshops and personal practice. These playful exercises are chosen because of their health benefits, effectiveness and ease. Research has proven that the continuity of your practice is as important as the exercises themselves. Just a few minutes everyday is more beneficial then three hours on Saturday.

By establishing daily health practices one super charges the benefits and gets deeply established in healthy routines leading to a healthy lifestyle.

These exercises are gathered from various traditions; Yoga, Qi Gong, Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese Medicine, martial arts, energy medicine as well as from our clinical experiences and our imaginations.

With 50 years of combined clinical practice Dr. Dean Sanna and Amanda Beasley have chosen these 78 playful exercises because they work for anyone, anywhere, at anytime. All can do these exercises, young, old, or out of shape.

These exercises have been used in our clinics and workshops because they are fun, effective and fast, usually less than 5-10 minutes for each exercise.

The card decks will highlight: BREATHING, MEDITATION, MOVEMENTS & VISIONS.

Our book and deck are in production. In the meantime we do have some sample decks available for a sneak peek. Please contact us if you are interested in buying a sample deck at 971-221-4797.

Sample decks are hand made by the authors and are infused with healing intentions and are water proofed. Limited sample decks $60.Don’t forget to breathe, move & smile!

Fast, Quick & Painless Scar Tissue Therapy

Rapid Release Technology! We are using this treatment for our patients and are seeing amazing results!

“I rarely recommend hand tools to do body work but this instruments effectiveness will blow your mind. One 5-8 minute session relieved my chronic knee pain that I had been nursing for nearly 2 weeks following a ski injury. I used laser, Qi machine, activator, ems, massage, ice, heat, china gel, homeopathics, rest, yoga, graston, anti-inflammatory drinks, Rolfing, tiger tail, swimming, hotsprings and then at a weekend seminar I had one five minute session. Pain was gone and is still gone one week later. So what did I do…. I bought one for the office on the spot.” Dr. Dean Sanna DC, FIAMA, CPEP.


Scar Tissue forms in the body as a temporary patching mechanism for wounds caused by surgery, trauma or repetitive stress. Scar tissue that connects tissues not normally connected are called adhesions. Adhesions can spread, entrapping nerves, causing pain and numbness or limiting range of motion. Un-diagnosed pain and restricted mobility are likely to be caused by these adhesions. How can Scar Tissue Therapy ™ benefit you?


Come see us to experience for yourself!

Nasya Oil

Nasya oil is a wonderful new tool that Dr Dean and Amanda think is powerful.

maxresdefaultThe nose is the direct route to the brain and also the doorway to consciousness. It is the entrance for prana, the life force, which comes into the body through the breath. Healthy uncongested breathing is important to ensure proper flow of prana throughout the head and body. When an excess of bodily fluids accumulates in the sinus, throat, nose or head areas, it is best eliminated through the nose. Administration of herbally infused oil, or nasya, helps facilitate this cleansing process. Nasya Oil soothes and protects the nasal passages and helps relieve sinus congestion. Daily nasal lubrication helps to release tension in the head and relieve accumulated stress. Balancing for vata, pitta, and kapha, Nasya Oil is also traditionally said to improve quality of voice, strengthen vision and promote mental clarity.

Call us at Chimney Rock Healing Center for more info 971-221-4797

Herpes, low blood pressure, itchy skin reduced immunity and Calcium

Calcium – Only Ionized calcium like calcium lactate or that found in hard water or raw milk, sesame seeds or other ionized forms is useful! Vitamin D takes calcium from the gut and puts it into the blood. Vitamin F or Cataplex F – a product from Standard Process is essential polyunsaturated fatty acids which transport calcium from the blood into the tissues. To. Much sun or vitamin D locks calcium up in the blood and can deplete tissue calcium causing itching, hives, welts, canker sores on sides of mouth- aka- herpes symplex, other herpes outbreaks and decreased immune response. People with low blood pressure or weak adrenals can have low blood calcium levels and weakened immune systems. Eat sardines or take whole food supplements like Standard Process offers and see some excellent results. If you need more advice give us a call at Chimney Rock Healing Center in Pagosa Springs Colorado or check our website,
Be well! Dr Dean Sanna DC, FIAMA, CPEP.

Powerful Self Healing Qi Gong Exercises!

Self Healing Techniques – from Chimney Rock Healing Center

Qi Meditations material by Master Ken Cohen, Mantak Chia and Steven Co. Interpreted, practiced and taught by Dr Dean Sanna

Physical Cleansing –

Sit quiet with a straight spine.
Breathe in thru the nose and out thru the mouth in all these exercises do not strain. If you get dizzy or nauseous stop and relax for a few moments and start again. These breathing exercises are done relaxed.

As you breathe in deeply fill the lower pelvic area around the base of the spine with white mist while holding your breath allow the mist to to enter your tailbone area and drift up the spine into the cranium. Nourishing, cleansing and clearing any toxins along the way. Do not strain while holding! Exhale out your mouth imagining the white mist has turned dirty grey from removing accumulated toxins.

Repeat several times using deep breathing to feel the mist moving up your spine into your skull and exhale out the toxins in the grey mist. When completed rest and breathe naturally. Notice and appreciate your bodies sensations for a few minutes.

Organ Healing – using your breath to bathe each organ with a specific healing color until it is glowing like a gem stone with that color is the goal in the following exercises. Breath in

Breathe white light into the lungs and exhale out the mouth gray dirty smoke. Imagine your lungs glowing more and more with the white light. Repeat several times until they are glowing white like a lightbulb filament!

Breathe in ruby red into the heart and it’s chambers. Realize that doing so encourages them to glow with this healing red color. Continue for several breaths until the heart is glowing red. Notice and appreciate them glowing.

Spleen & Stomach-
Breathe in solar yellow into the spleen and stomach. Imagine them glowing more yellow with every breath. Continue until they are glowing solar yellow. Notice and appreciate.

Breathe into them spring green until the liver is glowing spring green. Notice and appreciate.

Breath into your kidneys deep ocean blue. Do this until they are glowing topaz blue.

Now breathe in and with every breath imagine all your organs glowing with their gem stone colors. The are alive and resonating with their own specific color frequency. You are healed and rejuvenated by these healing tones. All your organs are happy and harmonious and for this you are so grateful!
Be Well Be Grateful Dr Dean Sanna & Amanda

For more info check Instructions from Mantak Chia, Ken Cohen, Steven Co or our website you can also find excellent instruction on Youtub from a variety of sources.




Seven Simple Steps – a Daily Health Practice

Daily Practice- Seven Simple Steps!

“The best teacher is Daily Practice”

Here is a song that taught you how to live; Row Row Row the Boat!

According to Jeanne Calment age 122. The secret to longevity and health is to “keep a sense of humor, it’s healthy!”

Dr Dean says – Breathe and Move stay in the groove! Live in the breath and you will put off death. Laugh, breathe and live in the Wow of Now! Sun of a gun we are all one!

1. Wake up SLOWLY – Wiggle Every Joint While Breathing. Like a cat, stretch, yawn and move.

Notice your breath & wiggle into your body! Move your toes, hands and rotate your ankles and wrists while you breathe. Stretch your arms and legs! Make yourself longer. Take some slow intentional breaths! Take 6 seconds to in hale and hold for 3 seconds and then exhale for 6 seconds! Do this again and tighten every muscle but don’t strain, hold for 3 seconds then let your breath out. Do a few of these full body cinches then relax for a few moments and notice and appreciate the body sensations. Before you get out of bed wiggle and breathe into every joint and muscle. Visualize putting a nose where ever there is pain, tension or stiffness and breathe into that area for a few breaths. Key to staying loose is to ” touch what is tender, stretch or release what is tight, bend breathe and move and loosen what’s tight! Do this am/pm!

2. Balance the Brain – perform Alternate Nostril Breathing to prepare your brain to meet the day! Why not embrace the day with your head on straight? Perform 7 rounds of Alternate Nostril Breathing which is very important and takes about 3 minutes.

How to- plug one nostril and take 6 counts to inhale thru the open nostril. Hold for 3 counts and exhale out the other nostril for 6 counts by plugging the one nostril you inhaled thru and exhale out the other side. Hold for 3 counts and then inhale in the same side and again hold for 3 counts. Finish by exhaling out the initial nostril for 6 counts. Example – in hale for 6 counts through the left, hold for 3 counts then exhale out the right for 6 counts. Hold your exhale out for 3 counts then in hale in the right for 6 counts hold for 3 counts and the exhale out the left nostril for 6 counts. That is one round. Perform 7 rounds to clear and revitalize your brain.

Other amazing breathing techniques include: Kapalbhati= breath of fire, Alternate nostril / pumping.


3. Meditate Am – Pm

15- 60 minutes works really well but even 5 minutes is helpful! Best to pick a spot not in your bed room if possible according to Tradition! Some place quiet with little to no distractions works best.

Buddha said, stay with the breath and or some body sensation all your waking day!

With sitting meditation 2 minutes or 2 hours matters not? It’s about mindfulness! Soon you will find you will want to sit for longer and longer periods. The important thing is ” the continuity of practice” daily for 5 minutes reaps better results than 2 hours on Saturday.

Sit still, close your eyes and relax! Notice your breath going in and out of your nostrils. Notice the breath coming in is slightly cooler than the breath going out. Keep your mind on the area above your upper lip and below your nostrils for several breaths. When your mind wonders bring it back to this small area gently and be patient everyone’s mind will wonder and race around. Remember we all have a monkey mind that wants to swing from one thought to another like a monkey swinging thru the trees grasping one brach after another. With time you will be able to stay focused on this area for longer and longer periods. Never get mad or impatient, ” Just Observe, just observe what is! Notice and appreciate that which is the Now

4. Marinate your mind in thoughts of the Divine!

My first morning thoughts!
Once my body and mind are awake and in sync I take several Thank You Breaths. On the inhale I say thank on the exhale I say you. I do this as long as I feel the need, especially when I feel charged up about something or someone, depressed, lost, angry or just grateful.

There is an old saying – ” The whole you give thru is the whole you receive thru.” When we give we get! When I start my day in gratitude I open up my day to receiving more. My AM and Pm bed time thoughts start with giving thanks for all my relations, for all my challenges, for all my teachers! For this beautiful planet we live on and the opportunity to be in service another day, to make a difference and remember to play! Every day when I wake up I know what I am here to do!
To Live Fully, To Love Openly and to Serve Greatly!

How I accomplish this matters not to me. I could be at work, or the store or out on my bike! Who ever I meet where ever I am, doing what ever I am doing makes no difference. My commitment to loving service is always paramount! I then send out Metta or what is often called a “mental love letter” or T- Mail. to some one or some thing; a stranger I saw sitting on the street corner, my daughter or some animal in need. Thoughts are things and they are very powerful and transforming. So be aware and take care! Think only what you want because what you think you expand. Trust enough to let go and let it flow knowing that when you believe in the Wow of Now it always works out for your best interest even if at the time it is painful. Life happens for you Not to You!

I do this same routine when I go to bed. I review my day what I learned, what I did and any thing I feel I need to amend I do it before bed. If I yelled at someone I forgive myself and send them love. You can do anything in a T- mail = telepathic email. I then set a few thoughts up in my head for tomorrow and let my subconscious marinate them while asleep. If I want to meet some one who I can help or who can help me I ask for support. Prayer is powerful but I use prayer to give thanks! If I need or what something I ask questions? How can I …. What should I do…. Where should I go…? I allow time to reflect remembering ” Patience is the ultimate martial art”

5. Hydrate – Get up and drink 2 – 10 ounce glasses of water first thing! Add fresh squeezed lemon and or a little sea salt. I put chia, hemp and flax seeds in my water bottle. It provides great protein to keep the blood sugar level, lots of essential fatty acids ( omega 3) and excellent fiber and nutrition to help hydrate and scrub out the colon. Not to mention more anti oxidants then blueberries. It is so good to flush the toxins and waste out of the body that your body has cleared from the organs and tissues while you were sleeping.

Bathing use a natural brush to scrub your whole body.  Fasting and cleansing is a great way to renew and recharge your body.  I suggest doing this every change of season for 5 -10 days.  Herbal formulas that you take orally for bowel, liver, blood and kidney flushes are excellent to do in conjunction with colonics. Steam baths, aerobic exercise and hot sweat lodges are also excellent ways to clean the body of accumulate toxins.

6. Food Tips – don’t eat heavy foods at night! ” At night eat light, in the morning use watery warming, at noon leave room”. Eat according to your bodies energy needs! For example if you eat a lot of calories at night and go to bed the body does not burn the calories up they will get shuttled into storage. Lips to hips! If you over eat the blood goes from your brain and muscles to the gut to help with digestion and absorption. This causes the brain and muscular systems to slow down and work less efficiently. If you eat heavy or don’t leave 2-3 hours before bed time after dinner you will wake up with a food hang-over feeling stiff and groggy.

Best diets I believe in general are organic Live Food diets; Vegetarian and Paleo Diets which including probiotics, nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies and high quality proteins ie . ( mushrooms, beans, quinoa, chia, hemp, flax and Bee pollens from fruit & flower. These are all great meat substitutes with little environmental pollution if you buy certified organic foods. Eat organic it’s good for the planet!

Remember – Anything that spikes your blood sugar causes inflammation which is the root problem with many major diseases, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes. Not to mention that coffee, carbonated, and sugary juices like orange cause inflammation and can reeks havoc on stomach PH and harm your intestinal flora, which have been shown to influence health and emotions. Current research is demonstrating that we have over 100 Trillion microbes in and on our body that when disrupted can cause all sorts of imbalances, diseases and even effect our emotions.

Copy and paste this link to here the latest about microbes in our bodies and the importance of having good flora! By Dr Mercola on Ted Talks.
7. Daily Stretching- do everyday – warm up every joint with the breath. flex, extend, side bend, twist, hang every day every where! Store, work, car! Breathe and move!

When disoriented, angry or just feeling off – Ground your energy by breathing in while standing on toes and clinch your fists then throw your Qi back into the earth while dropping down on your heels three times!

After any exercise or intense breathing exercises -Wash your Qi !

Start by rubbing every part of your body three times with your hands! Go slow or hold your hands over problem areas. Everyone is a healer!

Go Start your day- “The whole you give thru is the whole you receive thru.” Get by giving. Living For Giving! It’s about We not Me!

What ever you are doing, do it mindfully! Being grateful lights up your brain and delivers you “Brain Candy” ie. Endorphins and other happy hormones. Service to others and being in Nature are the two most powerful ways to feel connected and good about yourself. Go take a walk daily, let the sun in your eyes and breathe deep- take your shoes off and feel the earth when possible. Churn the vinegar into honey by living in the breath!

Go do what you like but like what you do, be grateful and caring, let the world come to you!

Be well, Dr Dean & Amanda.

Check our site and Come to ” Camp Happy”.

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Bee flower and fruit pollen now always available in our office!  2-4 tablespoons a day supplies all your daily vitamin and mineral needs in addition our pollen is 35-45% protein!  You must really taste to appreciate the quality!  If you would like a free sample drop by or if you see me just ask for a taste.   We also carry Royal jelly for burns, stroke prevention or infertility!  Propolis is amazing for external and internal use on cuts or wounds of any sort in addition it has been found super effective in treating internal infections, ulcers, stomach cancer and can be used on your pets also.  Any questions contact us for more info and pricing.  You will be surprised at the quality!

Excerpts – from Be Well Booklet – longevity strategies

Breathe & Move
Breathe & Move

An excerpt from the “Be Well” booklet by Dr Dean B Sanna DC FIAMA CPEP
I feel compelled to offer this to anyone interested! In Joy! Dr Dean



A Daily Routine For Health
The proceeds of this booklet go to support others who have financial challenges.
Every Breath Starts With an Inspiration!
I have spent close to thirty years in clinical practice searching for the most effective ways to help people improve their health and create a better life for themselves. During this time I have met thousands of amazing people who have shared their time, energy and resources with me to assist them in optimizing their lives. In my clinics I have shared countless stories with my patients over the years. We have laughed and cried together and I feel so honored and blessed to be entrusted with the responsibility of helping them obtain a better life.
This responsibility forced me to confront a fundamental question in my own life. What is the most important responsibility I have as a Healer? Is it my patients health or my own health? Of course my patients health is extremely important but I can not be a battery for them if I am not clear kind and fully charged myself. I must be the healthiest person I can be. In order to achieve this goal I must take full responsibility for myself and only then can I assist others. I then must take action and be consistent every day to improve myself.

This has been my journey since my early beginnings in practice in Bend Oregon in the mid-eighties. I encourage you to take full responsibility to be as healthy as you can be. I believe complete health is your greatest gift and ultimate possession. I know you agree that “True Wealth is Health!” Continue daily to achieve wellness on all levels even if failure occurs be kind to yourself and with playful curiosity keep going!

Our gift of Spirit, Mind and Body is truly an amazing one. To sit and ponder the beauty of Life itself, tears me up even as I type. I have tried to find a way through all the philosophical explanations and I have finally arrived at this one fundamental point. Life is a mystery! I gave up trying to solve the mystery. Now, whenever I have a few moments, I sit in silent gratitude and wonderment! I call this the Wow of Now approach to life.

Ladder to Wellness

-Get 8-9 hours of sleep every night, near the same time helps! Rest is highly rated!

-Bed Yoga – wiggle into your body. Breath and move every joint mindfully systematically head to toes – toes to head. Apron waking realize where you are! Notice and appreciate. Giving thanks for another day to love & serve opens up your day for more.

-Drink two 10 oz. glasses of water first thing in the am upon waking up. Then drink enough water to cause your urine to be straw to clear colored.

-Brain Balancing – start the day with Alternate Nostril Breathing – plug one side of your nose and take six counts to inhale, then hold for three counts then exhale out the other nostril for six counts and hold out for three counts then inhale for six counts in same nostril hold for three counts and exhale out the initial nostril for six counts. Theta is one round! Do seven rounds to clear and refresh your brain.

-Eat 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar more stable! If you really want to lose weight “eat green stay lean” says Dr. Dean. More organic produce and fewer simple carbohydrates. Avoid boxed,canned, processed, burnt greasy or fried foods as much as possible; Vegetarian, vegan or Paleo diets are all good places to start. Eating more live food is the key to staying young. Eat more fresh organic fruits, nuts, seeds and high quality proteins.. Smaller portions more frequently will increase your metabolism.

-Nature immersion. Daily movement outdoors when ever possible. Breathe & Move! Yoga, Qi Gong, biking, brisk walking! Moderate frequent forms of exercise are essential to moving and developing your Qi. blood and reducing pent up stress. Brisk walking outdoors and adding burst training and endurance sessions like longer moderate exercises like hiking and biking 2-3 sessions per week will increase your stamina, endurance and cardiovascular health. Bike, swim, run, brisk walk, cross country ski, row with lots of resting throughout the week is an excellent strategy. Even fifteen minutes a day will charge up your body so any amount is excellen. Listen to your body and make sure you are healthy before pushing harder! Warm up by moving every joint starting with feet, ankles or hands and head.

“Touch what’s tender, stretch or release what’s tight, bend, breathe and move and you will be alright.” Be aware, take care!
Additionally do 2-3 short intense workouts every week, 15-30 minutes focused on form. -TRX, weights, kettlebell, stair climbing, hills, circuit training, sprint-walk, burst training 1-2 minutes full out then 1-2 minutes rest. Then do it again.

“Practice makes permanent” so form really matters. Pain changes the way we move and causes patterns of wear like a car with the front end out of alignment. Drive more, wear more. Get regular tune-ups. Chiropractic -muscle therapy- acupuncture, craniosacral.

“Why train in pain it changes your movements and changes the brain? Stretch More, Breath More, Move better, Feel better!

-At work take 1-2 frequent breaks every 15 minutes to ½ hour max. Utilize “Time Compression” -work with laser beam focus for short periods of time, then get up, breathe and move, laugh, stretch and sing then go back to it again!

General Health Tips – review

-Meditate-am/pm 15-60 minutes.

-Live in your Breath. The Wow of Now!

-Develop a daily practice of pranic breathing, stretching, Qi-Gong, easiest to fit into your day upon waking and going to bed. A key point is to deep breathe and move every joint! 5-15 minutes will transform your mind and body very quickly. Learn the 9 pranic energizing breaths for super fast results. One session done correctly takes you 15 minutes max! All ages and fitness levels can perform most or all of these simple exercises.

Here is a simple explanation ;

Nine Energizing Breaths. Summery of Master Steven Co my teacher.

As taught by Dr Dean Sanna. Chimney Rock Healing Center.

Move slow and mindful. Do not perform these energizing exercises if you have inner ear diseases that make you unstable or have balance issues. high blood pressure, migraines, neck or spinal issues. Consult you care giver before performing these exercises they may be very helpful but best for you to discuss with someone who is well versed in pranic breathing and these specific exercises and knowledgeable about neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

Start in a standing position with heels touching and spread your toes apart creating a V shape, look straight ahead, spine straight with hands by sides. This is the starting position unless otherwise instructed.

1. Alternate Nostril. Do 7 inhales and exhales out of each nostril then rest for two breaths between each set. Take 6 counts to inhale and 6 counts to exhale and hold breath in and hold breath out for 3 counts each. Do up to 3 sets of 7 then rest, notice and appreciate your body’s sensations.
While standing with heels touching looking straight ahead with hands by sides. Exhale all your air then inhale in one side for a six count. Hold for a three count then exhale out the other side for six counts. Hold for 3 counts then inhale on that side hold for three then exhale back out the side you started with for six counts. Rest two breaths between rounds of 7 breaths.
2. Flex and extend head.

Do three sets of 14 breaths and one set of 7, resting for two breaths between each set!

(Do not extend and flex your neck quickly! Be mindful during inhale and exhale!)

-Start in Standing position one, with heels touching, looking forward and hands against sides. Exhale all your air as you bring chin to chest. Place tongue on roof of mouth and inhale while extending head backwards. Pause for a moment in extension before exhaling forcefully while smoothly flexing head forward. Finish your inhale and exhale by the time the head has extended or flexed completely. Take another breath with tongue on roof of mouth, while extending your head back comfortably again pause before exhaling sharply releasing tongue from roof of mouth while exhaling. Do 3 sets of 14- and one set of 7. Rest between each set. Be still be aware relax!

From this point on all exercises are done with an extra inhale to super fill your lungs, then do a complete body cinch including the Pubococigeal muscle or PC muscle. This is the muscle that helps stop urination and pulls the rectum superior. Hold the full body contraction while moving thru the exercises.

From exercise 3-9 inhale as much as you can thru the nose while tongue is on the roof of your mouth, then finish the breath in with your mouth! Hold and cinch all your muscles as you perform the rest of these exercises.

3. Tighten entire body including head,hands, feet and PC muscle by doing a pelvic tilt. Do not strain of cause blood vessels to bulge. Inhale and hold for a five count, then exhale out mouth forcefully! Do up to 7 cycles.

4. Raise Hands over head – wrists back to back!
While standing with heels touching and arms at sides begin inhaling as you raise your arms over head bring the back of the wrists together. Hold and cinch all your body muscles as you lower your arms exhaling forcefully in three movements as you lower your arms to 10-2, 9-3, 7-5 clock position, eventually returning your arms to your sides and rest for two breaths. Repeat up to seven times! Notice and appreciate! Take two breaths rest. Do up to 7 cycles.

5. Raise arms in front of u with clinched fists to shoulder / chest height. Tighten your whole body. Hold and pump three times so that your fists go out to sides then back in front like making a T. Rest for 2 breaths! Do up to 7 cycles.

6. Starting in the same position hands at side, inhale and cinch body. Do 3 circles with arms out in front of you while holding breath. Bring arms down to sides and throw your Qi into the ground during exhale. Rest 2 breaths and repeat. Do up to 7 cycles resting for two breaths between each set.

7. Start with hands on back make a diamond with palms facing out. Then as in exercise 6 make three circles starting and ending on the back. At end of each circle return hands to back then do another circle. On last circle return hands to back then swipe down your pelvis clearing any stuck energy and throwing your Qi into the ground. Do up to seven cycles resting for 2 breaths in between.

8. Stand with feet apart, this is the first change in feet position. Keep feet apart and hands on hips for the last two exercises. As usual inhale and tighten all your muscles hold breath then extend and flex head 3 times. On the third head flexion exhale all your breath as you bend over at waist to 90 degrees. Return to up right position and flex at waist 2 more times to 90 degrees ending in a straight up standing position inhale followed by a forceful exhale while throwing your Qi into the ground. Rest 2 breaths, do up to 7 cycles.

9. Stand the same as position 8, inhale tighten your whole body with hands at hips hold your breath and bend side ways 3 times each way. Return to up right position and exhale while throwing your QI into the earth. Lean sideways far enough that your heel comes off the floor slightly. Do 3 times each side and return to standing. Exhale! Do up to seven times resting between each set for two breaths.

At the end of any Qi energizing session I advise grounding your energy and washing your Qi.

First start by shaking your arms and legs several times. To ground your Qi stand straight with your hands at your sides. As you breath in rise up on your toes, place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and take a deep breath in making fists at your sides. As you drop down on your heels open your hands and throw your Qi into the earth. Do this three times. To wash your Qi rub your hands together vigorously for a few moments generating some heat. Then rub every part of your body 3 times. Take your time at problem areas. Visualize sending this warm healing Qi into your body. ” Qi is free and it’s good for thee! It’s Infinity! ” Dr Yano


-Relaxation-spend time every day doing nothing. Rest is highly rated in our fast paced goal oriented society.

-Consume pure water (1/2your body weight in ounces). If you weigh 100 pounds drink 50 ounces of water or drink enough to pee straw to clear colored. Super important to start your day with 2 -10 ounce glasses of water with fresh lemon or a pinch of sea salt. One of the best and simplest healing tips available.

-Consume more live uncooked organic foods, include superfoods like bee pollen, royal jelly, blue green algae, chia, flax, and hemp seed, a mixture of good oils and probiotics.

-Vegan diet best choice for longevity. nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies. protein.
Elimination,do a liver, kidney and bowel cleansing every change of season for 3-5 days and juice or water fast one day a week. .

-Daily Nature Immersion! Qi Gong, Yoga, brisk walk, bike or run outdoors fifteen minutes to an hour or so per day is an excellent way to balance out your bio plasmic field. A few minutes walking barefoot or laying on the ground is beneficial and grounding! This balances out your body electromagnetically and counter acts the effects of all the EMF’s from power lines, generators, phones, radio, microwave, computers, electric appliances! Sit often near clean waterfalls, rivers or ocean coasts.

-Hydrotherapy-use hot and cold (steam room, sauna, cold plunge) regularly.
Wear natural fiber clothing and use natural lotions, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and detergent.

-Stop watching TV and avoid most news. Read ½ hour a day, something inspirational or instructional. While in car listen to tapes while commuting.

-Trashing -give away or throw away ⅓ of what you own, in your home keep only things that are useful or beautiful.

-Listen to Yourself- follow your heart and trust your inner voice.

-Express Yourself- say what you feel and use positive affirmations. When you need help ask for guidance and ask questions that provoke contemplation.

– Ask questions! Ask your self and others! Discernment is key when asking others! If they are not clear, developed and done their own work be aware and take care! Lots of false prophets and self professed GURUS! If it feels like ego and not Heart I look at their own state of mind and and being. Are they happy peaceful and kind!

– Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly intentions or goals for the highest good of all! Or just go with the flow! If you leave port with no destination or map Good Luck – Take Care Be Aware! -Chart your course frequently and make changes when necessary. Ask questions about what you want and how to get it.
Journal your thoughts and ideas regularly.

-Read, write, paint, play and listen to nurturing music often. Play brain games to challenge you mind and keep sharp! Or just play with some clay!

-When stressed, disconnected, confused, angry, lost, depressed get exercise in nature and stay grateful.

-Volunteer your time, energy and resources to help someone else especially strangers and the needy.

-Laugh More-Sing More-Dance More-Play More…Music.
Love, Love, Love.

-How do you know if your on a good path?

Three tests of a good path as taught to me by my teacher SN Goenka – 1. Does it harm you in any way? 2. Does it harm anyone or anything else in any way? 3. Does it bring you results today. Examples of good results -brings you more peace, love, harmony, compassion, joy and kindness! If not it may not be a good path!

Be grateful for everything that shows up in your life because the Universe is Benevolent. Life happens for you not to you.

Live Fully Love Openly Serve Greatly.

Be Well Dr Dean

Chimney Rock Healing Center – Pagosa Springs, Colorado