Deanandamandabeautiful emerged out of Amanda and Dean’s mutual love of being in the water, especially, the hot spring water.  Both of them have a background in extreme sports — and water therapy has been an active part of their training and recovery regime for decades.

Working with Olympic, professional athletes, patients and clients in the water is very rewarding and effective. We appreciate the ability to move and undulate the spine and extremities in the water which allows for stiff, sore and injured muscles and joints to relax, release and recover.  Restoring spinal range of motion releases abnormal patterns, facilitates nervous system normalization by releasing tension.  With relaxed muscles and relaxed mind healing is accelerated.

We utilize various modalities in the water including aqua-ssage, acupressure, CMT- chiropractic manipulative therapy, CST (craniosacral therapy) and  NMR (neuromuscular re-education).   These techniques release stuck energy, free locked tissues and joints, restore and nourish the central nervous system.  In addition many people experience deep relaxation which has proven to promote healing on many levels; mind, body and emotions.

Research supports water therapy for a myriad of conditions and is an exceptional longevity strategy.  in addition the hot springs water is often non-chlorinated and is loaded with beneficial minerals another plus for water plungers.


A list of their services include;  chiropractic, massage, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, laser, acupressure, nutritional and urine analysis, reflexology, nasal-specifics, water therapy and Triple Gem Celebration instruction — yoga, qigong, meditation.

We have over fourty-five years of combined experience caring for all that seek our help.  Our mission is to Live Fully, Love Openly and Serve Greatly.