Menu of services;

All our suggested treatments are rooted in mindfulness training. Our foundation stems from our back ground in yoga, qigong and meditation.

-chiropractic – hands on manual or instrument adjusting – activator, pro adjustor, rapid release machine
-craniosacral therapy
-acupuncture – needle / non needle
-nasal specific – balloon assisted cranial adjusting
-body work – relaxing or deep tissue sports massage
-breath strengthening & stress reducing techniques
-core and strong posture training
-nutritional analysis
-laser and sound healing
-I AM hot springs water therapy. Lie back in the hotsprings and let us gently support, massage and move your stiff joints and muscles. Our favorite treatment to receive and give. So helpful for auto and athletic injuries. We recommend this for everyone especially if you have suffered physical, mental or emotional trauma. This warm water therapy helps every nervous system relax, discharge stuck energy and integrate other therapies quicker and more effectively.

You can blend these therapies or separate them as you wish. Dr. Dean and Amanda work as a team.

We offer a “surf and turf” option which is a water treatment and a land session back to back. Highly recommended for people who are stressed or have an exhausted body.

“Wellness Weekends” with Amanda and Dr. Dean will be offered to adults, children and families all summer long. Contact our office for details.

Be well.