Qi Gong – also spelled -Chi Kung or Chi Gung, is a form of physical exercise with specific body postures, movement, breathing and meditations. It is used for health, martial arts and spiritual development. Chi Kung literally means Life Energy Cultivation. Qi Gong has its roots in China and is now practiced worldwide. It was shrouded with secrecy for centuries and many Teachers only shared it with a select few. There are hundreds if not thousands of forms. Chi Gong is practiced to reach higher realms of awareness, awaken one’s true nature and develop one’s full potential. The purpose of Chi or Qi Gong is to cultivate and balance life force energy or Qi.

Movements are often slow and synchronized with the breath, allowing for deeper states of relaxation and meditation. It can be performed by one’s self or in groups. There are many forms in Qi Gong from very complex and complicated to simple ones like “5 Elements” which involve five simple movements; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, which correspond to the five elements in Chinese healing philosophy.

Aqua Qi Gong – is a water based form of Qi Gong developed by Dr Dean Sanna. It involves mostly smooth circular movements performed in waist height water or deeper. Aqua Qi Gong is an excellent full body non pounding form of exercise involving mostly smooth dance like movements; including jumping, bobbing up and down, kicks, punches, flipping and spinning. It can be performed very slow or fast and depending on the duration, speed and intensity it helps train several physical and mental aspects including, focus, relaxation, breathing, flexability and strength.

If you would like to learn more contact our office. Dr Dean offers one on one training or group sessions.

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