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Nutritional First Aid for common and misunderstood conditions

Nutritional Support for General Health and Common Ailments –

This Information was summarized by Dr Dean Sanna DC, FIAMA, CPEP from the “Back to school for Doctors” seminar in Denver Colorado -Sept-2014

All protocols that have SP = Standard Process Nutrient Company – Consult with your healthcare professional for dosages.

* General Health Support – SP- Catalyn, Organic Trace Minerals B12, Tuna Oil.

( Three most important body minerals- calcium, phosphorous, potassium.)

* Immunity Protection Triad.
-SP- Cataplex F & C, Calcium Lactate = ionized calcium the only form the body can use.
Vitamin P which is part of vitamin C protects from hemorrhage and good to take if getting X-rays.

Calcium Ionized – B6 deficiency effects calcium absorption. Ionized Calcium – can prevents fevers, polio, Black Plague, teething, fight TB, E Coli, Epstein Barr, virus.
If the person is very sick check the total ionized calcium level. If low there is a poor prognosis for the person. If chronically ill always check calcium levels.

Great ratio for calcium and magnesium is 5/1 outside cell ratio. Calcium found in raw milk, apples, maple syrup and hard water. Carbohydrates rob body of calcium & minerals but not natural carbohydrates like honey, maple syrup.

Vitamin D -takes calcium from gut to the blood, Vitamin F -polyunsaturated fatty acids takes calcium from blood and moves it to tissues. Too much vitamin D from supplements or Sun exposure can cause calcium to be held in blood and can promote herpes outbreaks, canker sores, hives, rashes and skin itching because To much D locks up calcium in blood and or depletes skin calcium. Good source of Vitamin D food -Cod Liver Oil which has D and F. Sardines and raw milk are hi in protein, fat, calcium and RNA.

* Digestive Health Triad.
SP – Zypan, Lactic Acid Yeast, AF Betafood, Zypan breaks down proteins, AFBeta food breaks down Fats, and lactic acid yeast- mycelium yeast breaks down all carbohydrates to create lactic acid in colon a great defense from bad bugs.
If your Gall Bladder is missing take SP- Cholacol to help fat mat abolish.

To clean out the colon and villi Add one of these products, SP – Okra Pepsin E3 is great to clear out the mucus clogging in the colon from Celiac spru. Gastrix, Zymex or Spanish Black Radish is also excellent to clear out dead candida cells that build up when you are killing the candida. Consult with your Doctor for dosages.
-Fermented Foods help acidify colon – home made non-pasteurized sauerkraut and it’s juice is a great source of lactic acid producing yeast which kills bad bugs like E- Coli, viruses and candida which can not thrive in a low ph colon- 2-4 ph.

Celiac Disease – produces antipituitary antibodies. To help rebalance take pituitrophin PMG when you have celiac disease to stop the autoimmune attack.

For Colic kids – grind up 11/2 wafers day of lactic acid yeast wafers and dip your finger into the powder and have the baby suck your finger to receive the lactic acid yeast. There is 3/9 times the lactic acid in moms milk than other milk. Which is why natural breast feeding your baby is a superior way to impart immunity to your kids.

* Brain Trauma –

SP- Neurotrophin PMG, RNA, Neuroplex, Tuna Oil
add Cataplex G= brain food and Phosfood liquid helps make ATP.

* Brain Problems – schizophrenia, OCD, Psychosis, Parkinson’s, all show antibodies to the brain.

Tx- neurotrophin PMG, Cataplex B – is like brain food, Tuna oil – has good brain fats, RNA and Phosfood Liquid.

Auto – Antibody Tests – show a problem 1-2 years before the tumor shows up.

* The Nervous System – has two parts

1. sympathetic – gas pedal 2. parasympathetic – break, system

Sympathetic dominance – “Gas pedal” – Symptoms – suffocation, hype irritable, dehydration, startle response, quick movements, (sea food) organic minerals 2/day, Cataplex F 3/ day, Potassium – is in “Organic Bound Minerals” Potassium is a radioactive mineral slows Nervous System down. Best source sea weed, kelp, alfalfa tea.

Parasympathetic dominance -” Break “- Symptoms – Muscle stiffness – calcium pooling, gastric reflex, slow heart,
Take SP- Phosfood Liquid 10-13 drops, calcium lactate 6/day, Cataplex G 6/day.

* Adrenals – are your “Rocket Booster” the adrenals can be weakened by hi carbohydrate diet, stress and many other problems.

Tx- you may need SP- Drenamin and Cataplex C – from Standard Process, licorice root tea, lanolin on skin, sea salt. Vitamins C contains tyrosinase which makes up all adrenal hormones. Potato juice & raw mushrooms hi in tyrosinase.

* Heart – take SP- Cataple E2 & E, Cardio PMG, Cataplex C, Cataplex B if normal or low blood pressure, Cataplex G if hi blood pressure.

Enlarged Heart – Some factors to consider! Vitamin B4 is part of B1 and controls rhythm of heart and nerve conduction. With out B4 the heart become flaccid and droopy causing the valves to stretch and leak. B4 = anti paralysis vitamin because it helps convert chemical energy to electrical. Deficiency B4 causes fibrillation and irregular heart beat.

Good sources in food – pork, blue grass, alfalfa, liver. Supplement with SP- Cataplex B if low blood pressure or Cataplex G if high blood pressure. B1 is considered the anti Beriberi vitamin. B1 & B4 vitamins lost when they remove the wheat germ during grain processing. Even when the grain is fortified with synthetic vitamins this does not work.

-Beriberi = I can’t I can’t! The heart is in paralysis! aka – American beriberi due to grain processing. Often due to B1 deficiency. B vitamins discovered 1921 by Casimir Funk and Ruben. Beriberi has Two forms 1. Wet – of the heart & 2. Dry of the nerves = neuritis.
-Potassium is a heart beat governor – it slows the heart. Phosphorous brings fire and speeds up the heart. If the heart goes off especially after eating carbohydrates it can be due to low potassium and to much carbohydrates because potassium gets used up metabolizing carbohydrates. Tx- seafoods, sea salt, kelp, seaweed. Also SP Organic Trace Minerals.

* Auto immune Diseases- Dead dying cells get dumped into the RES -reticule endothelial system – aka – MPS – mononuclear phagocyte system. Overload causes auto immune diseases. We need to shut down this response by using protomorphogens from Standard Process.

– How (autoimmune response works). Dead cells cause = auto antigens which trigger autoantibodies to be made which cause a histamine response which track down the dying cells to the degrading organ or tissue and they attack the tissue like a rotten apple in a barrel. We can then buy time and add good rebuilding nutrition to rebuild the organ or tissue by taking a protomorphogen (PMG) specific for the degrading tissue or organ – ie. Liver PMG, Heart PMG etc…
– Cortisone helps a little to temporally reduce the autoantibodies from the blood by initiating a non specific response.

* Neuritis – often caused by B1 deficiency.

* Increase Energy – take SP- Beta Food – hi in nitrous oxide – beet juice great source.