Calcium – Only Ionized calcium like calcium lactate or that found in hard water or raw milk, sesame seeds or other ionized forms is useful! Vitamin D takes calcium from the gut and puts it into the blood. Vitamin F or Cataplex F – a product from Standard Process is essential polyunsaturated fatty acids which transport calcium from the blood into the tissues. To. Much sun or vitamin D locks calcium up in the blood and can deplete tissue calcium causing itching, hives, welts, canker sores on sides of mouth- aka- herpes symplex, other herpes outbreaks and decreased immune response. People with low blood pressure or weak adrenals can have low blood calcium levels and weakened immune systems. Eat sardines or take whole food supplements like Standard Process offers and see some excellent results. If you need more advice give us a call at Chimney Rock Healing Center in Pagosa Springs Colorado or check our website,
Be well! Dr Dean Sanna DC, FIAMA, CPEP.