IAM  Therapy – integrative aquatic movement

IAM Aqua sessions  in the Hot Springs with Amanda and Dr Dean will take you into deep relaxation.  This happens to be their most favorite form of therapy to give or receive.  Old and new injuries release and repair, pain reduces, motion improves, relaxation occurs, as worries melt away into the warm water.  In the warm water we gently rock, stretch, massage, manipulate and undulate, your muscles, limbs, joints and spine.  This helps your body gently release physical and emotional traumas,  adhesions, muscles, trigger points and knots, releasing  and resolving imbalances in both the mind and body.

Aqua Sessions in the Hotsprings are very helpful for someone who has nerve interference, joint or spinal issues, post surgery or injury, muscle, joint, or soft tissue pain especially trigger points, knots and adhesions.  Also helpful for fibromyalgia, MS, emotional imbalances, PTSD, high stress life, chronic sitting and slouching over a computer, chronic bending, heavy lifting and standing on your feet all day. Let the warm Hotsprings water relax and improve your well being.

In Europe water techniques like this have been used successfully to treat bi-polar and Schizophrenia. The warm water and rocking can release deep and sometimes hidden trauma.  The rocking and holding takes us back to the womb, an experience where we felt safe and secure.  IAM therapy allows long term traumas to well-up and release in a gentle supportive way without dialoging or telling stories which can retraumatize the person.

You design your own treatment; a more Yin session would involve gentle, slow, rhymitic movements while a Yang session may involve swiping Qi Sho movements, massage, mobilization, specific soft tissue and joint manipulations which reduces nerve interference, improves motion and restores function to many systems of the body.  The water creates forgiving support in a gravity free environment, allowing your body to undulate, twist, bend, spin and wiggle in ways you can’t on land. This helps stretch, release pain, balance, restore function to several systems and improve motion in an excellerated way.

We always recommend the Delux Treatment – Water and land session back to back.  The ultimate in self care!


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